Cycling Strength Programs

Engaging in a systematic approach to mobility and strength has been shown to improve cycling economy and cycling performance.

Pro Cycling Strength Volume 1

Pro Cycling Volume 1 is based on the time I spent with Sepp Kuss preparing for his first year as a member of Jumbo Vismo UCI Cycling Team.

Duration of Program: 5 Weeks

Unique Training Sessions:  10 Different Sessions

       8 Pro Strength Sessions – Short Video

                 4 Pro Strength Sessions

                 2 Pro Mobility and Core

                 2 Pro Tissue Care and Mobility

       2 Strength On Demand Sessions – Long Video

            Foundation Training Series 1 Episodes 1 and 2

This program is offered through Training Peaks.  You will receive a code to use at checkout on Training Peaks in your receipt of purchase through this site.

Cycling Strength  Volume 2

Cycling Strength Volume 2 will be available November of 2023.

Cycling Strength Volume 2 includes specific focus on gravel cycling with more attention to lower body strength and power.

Cycling Strength  Volume 3

Cycling Strength Volume 3 will be available in December of 2023.