Equipment List

Yoga Mat

Foam Roller

You should have a short as well as a long foam Roller as sometime we use the 3' version for some movements

Stability Ball (aka Swiss Ball)

Height 6 feet and taller: 75cm
Height under 6 feet: 65cm
Please get a burst resistant stability ball

Box or Step

You can use a staircase for most of these movements

Dumb Bells or Kettle Bells (both would be great)

DB/KB #1 – light: You should be able to do 6-8 lateral shoulder raise with #1 (5 – 10 lbs.)
DB/KB #2 – moderate: You should feel comfortable pushing #2 over your head but tire at 15 reps (10-30 lbs.)
DB/KB #3 – heavy: You should tire at 15 reps for a goblet squat using #3 (20 – 60 lbs.)

Cable Machine or Resistance Bands

Long Band #1 – Light: Yellow SPRI Exertube
Long Band #2 –  Moderate: Green SPRI Exertube
Long Band #3 – Heavy: Red SPRI Exertube
Long Band #4 – Xheavy: Blue SPRI Exertube

Mini Loop Bands: Light, Moderate, & Heavy

These are usually sold in a set of 5 for approximately $25.00

MOBO Board

Use code ’10ECFIT’ at check out for 10% off.
Optional but a cool tool to have!


Use code ‘ECFIT10‘ at check out.
This is one of my favorite tools to use for endurance athletes.  Optional but if you choose to purchase one get a 4kg first.  Then a 10kg or 12kg as the “heavy” one.

High Bar

A High Bar is only asked for a few times in the sessions.  You can always practice the movements on a sturdy tree branch or at a park.

Hex Bar/Barbell and Bumper Plates

I highly recommend adding this to your home gym line up when you can.  If you decide to add one of these I would recommend adding the Hex Bar first.  You will need weight plates adding up to your body weight + 20%.