ECFIT Performance Strength

Nomenclature and FAQ’s

How do I begin?

  1. Decide whether you want to purchase an individual strength training program (Pro Program) or join the ECFIT Community as a Member.

    a.  Pro Program are a one time purchase

    b.  Memberships are paid monthly

ECFIT Pro Programs – Short Video vs ECFIT Strength On Demand - Long Video? 


ECFIT Pro Program – Short Video Format

ECFIT Pro supports the short video format with 3-5 second video snippets to demonstrate the movement. 

Sets, Reps and suggested loading intensity are included with each movement.


ECFIT Strength On Demand – Long Video 

ECFIT Strength On Demand supports long video format with class style strength and recovery sessions. 

These sessions offer much of the "why" behind what you are being asked to do and adds meaning to the time you make to become a better athlete through mobility and strength training. 

ECFIT Training Categories 


Tissue Release/Tissue Care – Mobility – Muscle Activation

PreFlight Training Sessions are designed to be short in duration but high in physical response to prepare athletes for training sessions.


Mobility – Strength Endurance – Skill Development

Launch Training Sessions are designed to enhance movement quality, find balance in the body, develop specific muscular endurance and build skills specific to working in the gym.


Strength Development

Climb Sessions are designed to build physical strength while still maintaining high quality movement patterns and muscle balance.


Agility – Speed – Power

Cruise Training Sessions are designed to enhance athletic ability and sport performance utilizing agility and power development strategies.     

The Lounge

Rest - Recover - Move Easy

Training Sessions from The Lounge are designed to help your body recover and rejuvenate. 

By maintaining appropriate tissue care and mobility strategies on easy training days you will be able to train harder in a safer physical environment.

The Lounge is where the training really takes hold in your body. 



Foundation Training

From Pain to Performance

Foundation Training is a set of movements that teaches individual muscles to act in concert with one another. 

Helping the muscles to act together in a functional chain means that you can disperse weight more evenly, maintain postural alignment and decrease the opportunity for injury.



Super Sets, Circuits, AMRAP, EMOM


SUPER SETS are indicated when you are to complete two movements in succession.


CIRCUITS are indicated when you are to complete three or more movements in succession.


AMRAP is indicated when you are to do As Many Reps As Possible


EMOM is indicated to complete a movement set Every Minute On the Minute



Defining Weight Selection - Intensity


50% Light Load 

75% Moderate Load 

90% Heavy Loads


Loading strategies for endurance athletes can be a tricky decision.  Endurance athletes will typically bring a level of fatigue that doesn’t allow for traditional “progressive overload” in the weight room. 

When you enter the weight room, first assess your level of fatigue. 

Be honest with yourself as the level of risk increases with fatigue. 


Light Load – 50% - Upon completion of prescribed number of repetitions you could complete 10 more repetitions, if asked.


Moderate Load – 75% - Upon completion of the prescribed number of repetitions you could complete 5 more repetitions, if asked.


Heavy Load – 90% - Upon completion of the prescribed number of repetitions you could only complete 1-2 more repetitions.


*NOTE:  In the Off Season, when the focus is changing the athlete to gain both strength and resilience, we shift to a more traditional form of training when the loads lifted are carefully tracked and progressed.



Upper Body Actions

DA – Double Arm

SA – Single Arm

AA – Alternating Arms

RA – Reciprocating Arms

OHP – Overhead Press



DL – Double Leg

SL – Single Leg

AL – Alternating Legs

RL – Reciprocating Legs


FFE – Front Foot Elevated

RFE – Rear Foot Elevated (formerly known as BSS - Bulgarian Split Squat)

PS – Parallel Stance

SS – Split Stance

N – Narrow Stance

W – Wide Stance

L – Long Stance

S – Short Stance

HK – Half Kneeling, 90/90 single knee stance

FK – Full Kneeling


Squat – Vertical Movement of triple flexion and extension of the hip knees and ankles

Lunge – Step and Return

Traditional Deadlift – Lifting a modality vertical from the ground or elevated platform using triple extension of hips, knees and ankles.  Shoulders move at the same rate of speed as the lower body.

Straight Leg Deadlift also known as RDL – Romanian Deadlift



Modalities – Equipment


FR – Foam Roller

DB – Dumbbell

KB – Kettlebell

BB – Barbell

OB – Olympic Bar

HB – Hex Bar

MB – Medicine Ball. – usually weighted

SB – Stability Ball – Can also be used to describe a Sand Bell – see movement video for clarification.



What is the meaning of OS and SS – Offset Load and Same Side Load


Single arm and Single Leg challenges are an integral part of the ECFIT Strength Training System.  Where you carry the load is defined as OS - OFFSET – SS - SAME SIDE.  When an OS Load is prescribed you would hold the weight in the opposite side of the leg you are standing on.  For example:  SL SA OHP OS would describe a Single Leg – Single Arm – Overhead Press with an Off Set Load.  If you are standing on your right leg you would overhead press with your left arm.  If the same movement was described as SS you would stand right and overhead press with your right arm.



What are REST Periods – How do I know how much time to take between movements?


Rest periods are very important and can be easily determined by the chosen repetitions (time under tension) and prescribed load for each movement.


Light Load with 10-20 repetitions – Rest for 20-30 seconds between exercise sets, or as stated within the workout directions


Moderate Load with 8-15 repetitions – Rest for 60-90 seconds between exercise sets, or as stated within the workout directions.


Heavy Load with 3-8 repetitions – Rest 1-3 minutes, or as stated within the workout directions.



*If you have any questions along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ECFIT Coaching Team –