ECFIT Performance Strength FAQ

Important: Before you begin, consult with your doctor or health care provider before commencing any new health or fitness program.

What is ECFIT Performance Strength? 

ECFIT Performance Strength is a Membership or Program based service providing progressive strength training programs for endurance athletes.  Train smarter, harder, and longer, while decreasing your chance of injury. Sports include triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, golf, mountaineering and more!

What is the difference between the monthly and annual subscriptions? 

An Annual Membership receives 12 months of access to ECFIT Performance Strength On Demand for the price of 10 months! The monthly and annual subscriptions receive the exact same access except the monthly is billed on a monthly basis and the annual is billed once per year.

What is included in the ECFIT On Demand Subscription and App? 

Your monthly or yearly subscription includes: 

- Locked In Rate!  Your rate will stay the same for as long as you're a subscriber, even as the library grows and the public pricing increases.

- UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL ECFIT Strength On Demand videos! 

- Stream Ad-free and Download videos! No ads or interruptions . The download feature is perfect for gyms and places with low reception or while traveling without wifi or adequate cellular networks.

- ECFIT On Demand is Updated Monthly with a NEW videos added to our growing library.

What happens after I join ECFIT On Demand?

After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with your log in credentials and links to our apps and the website. You will have access to all of the ECFIT Strength On Demand content immediately via our Apple and Android mobile apps and website -

Can I get a refund?

Subscriptions are non-refundable. If you are on a monthly recurring subscription you may cancel at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will still have access to the videos until the period you have paid for expires. If you are on a yearly subscription you may cancel at any time but will not be refunded for the remaining period of your subscription. You will still have access to the videos until your year ends. No further charges will be made once you cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, we'll be sad to see you go!  To cancel your subscription, follow these steps based on where you signed up:

If you signed up on the ECFIT Strength On Demand website you will need to cancel your subscription through your account settings after logging in at - click "Dashboard" from the menu in the top right of the web page, then click "Billing", then click "Change Plan", then click "Cancel Membership” 

If you signed up from our Apple iOS app, go to Settings on your phone > iTunes & App Store > Click your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription

If you signed up from our Android app, open the Google Play Store > Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions > Find the subscription you want to cancel > Cancel Subscription

By canceling your subscription, you are forgoing any “locked-in” discounted rate and if you choose to sign up again, your rate will be determined by the current subscription prices.

Once you cancel, you will not be billed for the following month. Your login will remain active and your account will be set to expire at the end of your payment period. Once expired, you will no longer have access to ECFit On Demand content via our mobile apps or website.  Please note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. 

How do I reset my password? 

You can reset your password at any time by using the reset password link located on the website at  Currently. there is no way to reset your password within our Apple or Android mobile app.

How do I add videos to my Favorites List?

Once logged in to your account on your mobile device, go to the video and tap the Favorite icon under the video. The video will now be saved to your Favorites Lists, which can be found by tapping the TV icon on the from the bottom menu and then tapping the Favorites folder under Lists.  To delete a video from your Favorites List, tap the Favorite icon again to deselect it as a Favorite. It will then be removed from your list.

How do I download videos to my device?

Once logged in to your account on your mobile device, go to the video you want to download.  Tap the “Download” icon under the video.  The icon will change to “Downloading” and the video will begin to download to your device.  Once downloaded you can find the video by tapping on the TV icon from the bottom menu.  The video is in the Downloads folder.  To delete the downloaded video from your device, simply tap the Trash Can icon to the right of the video in the Downloads folder and then tap OK.

How do I Share a video?

Once logged in to your account on your mobile device, go to the video you want to Share and tap the Share icon under the video.  Your device will then display a variety of options for sharing the link to the video.

If you are experiencing issues, please email with your full name, the email you used for your account and a description of the issues you are experiencing.  One of our team members will respond ASAP!